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Frequently asked questions

There is no minimum commitment, no contract period, and no hidden fees. You pay only for the tutorials you book, and you can stop at any time (as long as you give us 48 hours` notice).

Our tutors require at least 24hours’ notice if you wish to cancel your lesson. Any less than that, and we may ask you to pay for your tutorial.

We will find you a different tutor, better suited to your needs.

We are an online based learning platform helping students to meet their educational goals from home. We help students to stay engaged with their learning and continue to make progress wherever they are. We always make sure that we provide our service with high quality and beyond your expectations, always finding a way to take that extra mile to satisfy all our clients and students. We will work with you to create a completely individual programme that is mapped to the school curriculum, whilst inspiring a great set of attitudes towards learning.

To Book a free non-obligation session with our world class tutors or for any other enquiries please submit your details in the contact form. Our admin team will contact you within 24 hours to answer all your queries.

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